Frog's Tesla Cybertruck (SAS Swapped)

V 1.0 mod for SnowRunner

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Frog's Tesla Cybertruck,SAS (Solid Axle Swapped)

Fully modeled by ME,

Has offroad tires and new rims

Also has a set of studded tires for snow operations

Has a Full Color Pallet

Can Haul Scout Trailers

Has 3 Transmission, Engine and Suspension Options

If you like the truck be sure to give it a thumbs up.

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DO NOT USE MY ASSETS FOR ANYTHING AT ALL. I Can and will copyright claim it and you will be banned
DO NOT TWEAK MY MOD AT ALL!!! I worked very hard to make this vehicle the way it is and it is perfect changing it from its current specs is just not a thing you need to do, you dont like the the way it drives just dont drive it and unsubscribe....



  • 24 Oct 02:52
    Version 1.0



09.10 2020
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