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Initial release. Untested as of yet on a server. This must be made public before I can begin testing server behavior. Feel free to test and report any bugs or feedback.

This mutator can be run on any checkpoint map. This spawns the player at a random point and adjust the bot spawns around the map. A portion of the bots will target a random player to sometimes make it feel more like Hunted. :) There are a number of configurable settings to adjust player respawns, additional bot waves, DPR, targeting thresholds, and max targeting ratios. Enjoy!

This is meant to be run alongside CoopHUD so that the enemy count is printed to the HUD. This is optional however.


Many of these settings are direct copies of the normal Checkpoint settings, but will override the vanilla when the Hunt mutator is used.

MinDelay, MaxDelay, and MaxTargetingRatio are added to reduce the travel a player has to do and reduces bots getting stuck. Based on these settings, bots will periodically be forced to target players and chase them down.

Config Variable


MinDelay This sets the minimum time between when a bot is set to target a random player. Default is 30 seconds.
MaxDelay This sets the maximum time between when a bot is set to target a random player. Default is 60 seconds.
MaxTargetingRatio This sets the max ratio of bots that can be set to target players. No more will be forced to target until this is met. Default is 0.1
ForceChargeRatio This sets the ratio of total bots that will trigger all bots to target players. Default is 0.15. So at 15% bots remaining they will all target players.
MinEnemies Overrides what is set in MinimumEnemies for Checkpoint. This is the number of bots to hunt in single player. Default is 15
MaxEnemies Overrides what is set in MaximumEnemies for Checkpoint. This is the number of bots to hunt at max player count. Default is 30
bEnableBotRespawns If set to true, the bots will have later waves of bots that respawn once RespawnDPR is hit. The number of bots being set by the ObjectiveTotalEnemyRespawn like vanilla checkpoint. Default is False.
RespawnDPR The ratio of killed bots before an additional wave of bots will be spawned. Bot could will never exceed Min and Max, but bots will continue to be spawned each time the RespawnDPR is hit until the number set by ObjectiveTotalEnemyRespawnMultiplier is satisfied. Default is 0.5
ObjectiveTotalEnemyRespawnMultiplierMin Multiplier of bots to respawn with minimum player count. Default is 1.0
ObjectiveTotalEnemyRespawnMultiplierMax Can't seem to get this one to actually stick from within a mutator. Not sure why. In theory, its the Multiplier of bots to respawn with maximum player count. Default is 1.0
bForceSoloWaves If set to true, then players will be enabled to respawn. The number of respawns is set by SoloWaves. Like ins2, the default is False.
SoloWaves This controls the number of respawn waves the player team gets if bForceSoloWaves=True. Default is 2
RoundTime Overrides the default checkpoint round time in seconds. Default is 900.
WanderRadius This sets the general radius that bots will wander around their spawned area. Default is 3000, which is 30m.

Game.ini defaults. Change these if you want to adjust the settings:


Example Usage:

open Tell?Scenario=Scenario_Tell_Checkpoint_Security?Mutators=Hunt,CoopHUD

open Sinjar?Scenario=Scenario_Hillside_Checkpoint_Insurgents?Mutators=Hunt,CoopHUD

Appreciate my work and want to donate or have a mod made? See my profile for link. If leaving a comment regarding bugs or feedback go ahead and tag me so I get a notification.




29.07 2022
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