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This is a mod by Precentor Appolyon, his Hybrid mod, that is a mod that merges UFO and TFTD as one.

A mod which you can play both UFO and TFTD as one single game. The mod progresses first from UFO then to TFTD.

-Fight UFO and TFTD aliens.

-Build bases from land to sea.

Version 3.4 contain massive upgrade from 2.5

Among the upgraded features.

-All sea terrain now have pal or color that almost matches that of vanilla TFTD.

-New Island terrain. Ufo can crash on Islands, if shot down over the sea.

-Cruise Ship terror has been included.

-All TFTD aliens are now inclusive.

-New Depth Mechanics. Now, underwater combat are divided into 3 depths level. Shallow, mid and really deep.

If your troops are not wearing the right armor at the right depth.. they will drown.

-More stability and error correction.

-UFO now actively intercept your crafts!

Please do not use the current patch for Hobbes Terrain pack on this mod. It will delete the Island Terrains.

An updated patch will be uploaded in the near future.

Uses the latest OXCE version 7.5.3

Credit to

-Meridian for his OXCE.

-Supsuper for his OXC

-Warboy for his OXC

-ohartenstein23 for his help in making the Hybrid mod a possibility.




03.03 2022
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