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CQB in the JunkYard. Checkpoint_Security Only. 7 Objectives.

This map will be updated with patches and fixes in the evenings, mostly weekends...EST, as I work full-time during the week. This is my first map, please leave feedback and criticisms or bring new ideas to better the map. I have never built a map before. However, have fun, a lot of hours went into this map, mostly because I didn't know what I was doing, especially with UE4. Enjoy the map!. I will try to limit the uploads for patches/fixes to only once a week to keep people from having to re-download everyday, unless immediate attention is needed to address a game breaking issue. Thanks for trying my map and look forward to meeting you in the JunkYard! - Syn13


In Game Name: JunkYard

MAP: JunkYard_Landscape








When testing map LOCAL PLAY use command:

For DAYTIME map:

travel junkyard_landscape?scenario=scenario_junkyard_checkpoint_security_Day?


travel junkyard_landscape?scenario=scenario_junkyard_checkpoint_security_Night?lighting=night?

Or try this:

"Thanks: Rover_Oceania_Admin @rover-oceania-admin" for play use these... I have tested both, and work.
open junkyard_landscape?Scenario=Scenario_JunkYard_Checkpoint_Security_Day
open junkyard_landscape?Scenario=Scenario_JunkYard_Checkpoint_Security_Night


(Thanks to TDSM) Server MapCycle.txt commands:



TDSM Step by Step guide for Manual Download of map:

<-- For This Tutorial it will be for Synthean13 - JunkYard Map >

1. GoTo: https://insurgencysandstorm.mod.io/junkyard-by-synthean13

2. Write down the Mod ID: 115402

3. Click down arrow in the cloud

4. Scroll down to " Releases " section and Hover on Trophy of Filedata.zip

5. Bottom left copy the < ID: 149524 >

6. Go to your local Insuregency:Sandstorm location: Steam\steamapps\common\sandstorm\Insurgency\Mods\modio

7. Open folder 115402

8. Right click on State.json and open file in NotePad or NotePad++ (easier to read with this)

9. Scroll down to "modfile" section and under it you should see "iD": < old number >

10. Replace that number with the < 149524> from Step 5

11. Save it and close the file

12. Create a folder with the Step 5 number: < 149524 >

13. Move filedata.zip from downloads to that folder and right click and extract here option

14. Close everything else and launch Insurgency Sandstorm :D to play JunkYard without waiting for in game download :D *Remember the <149524>* number will change with each patch update.* (CURRENT IS <166997>)

**If you are subscribed to the mod, it will download upon you opening Insurgency Sandstorm Game in Steam.**


Please take the time and give feedback to improve the map play and map design. If you can, try to be specific/detailed with your feedback, so that I know what I'm looking for. I will read every suggestion. You can also reach me at -=312th=- Discord: https://discord.gg/RKgVZHp. There is a Suggestion Tab for Mod Maps there as well! Thanks -Syn13


  • 15 Jul 05:04
    Version 1.3.1

    Rebuilt Daytime Lighting, added thumbnails and loading screens for day time / night time map, updated configurations for moddata file and scenario files.


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