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On the map there are all standard cultures, animals. There is a store of potatoes and beets, hay and straw, a warehouse of wood chips, a chipper and a sawmill that produces pallets, which you can sell at the railway station, as well as wood chips.
You are waited by high mountains, wide fields and long kilometers of a way.

Version 1.1
- Changed the southern strip of the card. 14 box became a little smaller.
- Added ChoppedStraw map.
- Fixed the second silo.
- Fixed collision of some objects.
- Fixed displaying of posts departure times of trains.
- Removed the trigger store in the garden center.

Be sure to connect the 3 additional mod:


Sosison, Алексей Дорофеев, Ту4ка Коу


  • 04 Jun 12:13
    Version 1.3.2

    Added / modified v 1.3.2:
    - Tablets
    - Miscellaneous add-ons


    - Miscellaneous fixes

    A new game is not needed.

    Added / modified v 1.3.1:
    - Plate on the compost
    - The weight of pallets is increased up to 2000l

  • 29 May 14:07
    Version 1.3

    Added / modified:
    - Fish farm, produces fresh fish on pallets
    - Mill, produces flour on pallets
    - Bakery, produces bread on pallets
    - BGA produces digestate
    - Production of compost
    - Seed production
    - Production of dry manure
    - Production of dry and liquid fertilizers, fuel from digestate
    - Sale of pallets at railway station and quay
    - Boards are now sold as a separate product
    - Bearded beet and potato warehouse moved
    - Added another large garage on the base
    - Warehouses of seeds and fertilizers (dry and liquid)
    - Greenhouses producing vegetables on pallets
    - Plates indicating the necessary raw materials
    - Animated Animals
    - Gates on the base open manually
    - All gates and doors can be opened from machinery
    - Sale of fuel at a gas station
    - Near the barn you can drain any liquid
    - Many small additions and changes

    - Fixed collision on animal feeders
    - Fixed tree crowns
    - Many small fixes


    Remove the additional mod to the map Kuray_FS17_mod.zip, it is no longer needed.
    All other mods that come with the card, it is desirable to connect.

    For a comfortable game, I recommend starting a new game. But if you want to continue on the old save, then fulfill the following requirements:
    1. Drive out all the equipment from the garages at the elevator.
    2. Empty the warehouses with chips and potatoes (they will become empty when upgraded)

  • 20 Apr 20:59
    Version 1.2

    - Reduced dirt splashes
    - Added lighting for the dark time of day.
    - Cables LEP is now not terrible.
    - For some gardens you can now drop in and plant crops.
    - In the sawmill and in the forest, convenient storage for logs is installed.
    - Added the point "Compost", the sale of liquid and solid manure.
    - Added a sawmill icon on the front.
    - The warehouse of cultures is a little altered.
    - Replaced flickering towers of storage.

    - Fixed silo pits, now you can get silage from them all.
    - Fixed landing of the forest.
    - Fixed animals, now do not hang when eating.

    - The collision was removed from the bushes around 14 fields.

  • 08 Apr 00:35
    Version 1.1


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08.04 2017
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