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Based on a more recent military prototype gunship design acquisition designated the “Guppy” class Gunship, recent engineering additions due to increased waves of war refugees and smaller company takeovers, much to the benefit of LAM’s expanding R&D divisions (credit to Fourbutton1701 for the ship shell), all Chimera class Dropships are finally being completely phased out by these newer, easier to build and far more modern Gunships, officially renamed “Cerberus” class Gunships with 2 standing variants, the MK2GSV or Gunship Variant, and MK2TTV or Troop Transport Variant, while the MK2GSV Cerberus is made for CAS with infantry and armor ground side or patrolling planet side/ orbital lanes of traffic within LAM space, unlike its Gunship variant, the TTV Cerberus features a complete interior “ready” room sealed off from the helm of the ship, this variant of the Cerberus is capable of holding several squads of LAM Marines in its hull alongside its 3 member piloting crew while still having enough firepower to support the troops on the ground if need be as with the Gunship version of the Cerberus, the transport version has also received more armor plating in addition to the newer CIWS weapon system for missile defense

Main Mods used on all my current LAM creations: Assault Weapons Pack, Azimuth Remastered, Kolt- Command Console Pack, Battle Cannons and Turrets, Jump Drives Mod Pack, Niteowl Naval Themed Prop Pack, Passage Intersections, No More Block Edges, Clear Camera Overlay, Animated Consoles, AQD Conveyor Expansion, (AR) Conveyors Update, AE NPC Dummies, Flare’s Torch Drive, Deuterium Fusion Reactors, MA Fighter Gunner seat, Converyor Air Vent, Azimuth Overclocked Ore Detectors, Stronger Heavy Armor, Armor Ramp Compendium, NiteOwl Mini Reactor Pack, Flare’s Tiered Gyros, Grated Catwalks Expansion, (AR) Ceramic Armor, Rebels Lights 1.2.01, Warfare2DLCAddtions, Advanced Shutters and Blinds Master Pack, (AR) Frames, NiteOwl Battery Pack, King’s Connectors (Manticore and Griffin “Titan”) Ramps and Stairs mod pack, Lockers with suit change, Grym’s Advanced Survival Kit, Advanced Warfare



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