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This mod has been done to death multiple times, but the existing ones I've found don't correctly destroy the stumps. This mod is based off of one of those many iterations of logging mods but I have since been updating it for my own server usage.

Lines 80-81 in the file set the logging skill requirements (0 for everyone, 1-7 for logging skill based rewards). Line 184 sets the log pickup rule.

Default values:
[lines 80-83] - Turns on or off functionality. I leave loggers the specialty of cleaning up stumps automatically as a fake "talent" to replace the non-working ones, but everyone clears tree debris by default to reduce server lag.
bool cleanDebris = true; //Should we clean debris?
int LoggingDebris = 0; //If true, which level of logging? (0 for everyone)
bool removeStump = true; //Should we automatically remove the stump?
int LoggingStumpDestroy = 6; //If true, which level of logging? (0 for everyone)

[line 184] - remove "return true; //" if you want to have to dice a tree trunk into 5 log sections. Otherwise, this lets you pick up anything you could carry. Inventory size still restricts pickup!

return true; //return this.GetBasePickupSize(trunk) <= MaxTrunkPickupSize;

Any questions, find Loco on the Eco Mods Community Discord.



15.09 2022
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