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Kirthos' Big Shovel Mod Updated for 9.0 - Can pick up, up to the max stack sizes of the same kind! (Sand, Dirt, Clay)

Here it is, One of the most requested things around, The Big shovel!

3 New shovel types,
Iron Big Shovel
Steel Big Shovel
Modern Big Shovel

Cost's slightly increased for balance

Credit to kirthos for the models and icons, (sorry i don't have the unity access for this, so the shovels look a bit weird in the hand)


  • 31 Jan 15:01
    Version 1.1.0

    Big Shovel Update Version 1.1.0

    Updated Models and Animations
    Fixed Unity Asset File sizes - no more manual installation needed

    Updated to work with 9.2 - Will NOT WORK WITH 9.1.x please use version 1.0.0 however you can still use the unity files from this version


28.01 2021
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