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-A little generic things you can find in the Synthesizer

  • Pure Blood (Recovers 100% of your Health and Stamina ; costs 5 Dragonblood)
  • Alter Crystal

-Magical Swords (You can find their recipes at the "cave" from the Preview)

-Familiar Riding

  • Let you ride many of the Familiars, such as Wyrms, Young Dragons, Yetis, Fire Boars, Sharks, Snaptopuses etc

-Souls.... get yourself a Scythe and have fun!

  • You can find the Scythe recipe in the same cave as the Magical Swords
  • List of available souls: Wyrm, Dragon, Shark, Cat

-Invocation : Adds two more spell books to the Fish Library.

-Modular Spells : Craft simple custom spells, talk to the alchemist to begin the "questline".

  • After crafting an Ars or Invoker's Spell book, equip it and press F to use it!

If you have feedback, suggestions or anything else to tell me, join our discord :)

*(our = modders)


  • 27 Jul 08:20
    Version 5.0.4

    Fixed some stuff and added a little thing to the Book of Summoning.
    Please report any bugs you find in the comments, feels like none of the hundreds of subscribers actually care about the mod sometimes :/


28.07 2018
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