Thirallan: Alchemist Edition

V 1.0.0 mod for Aground

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There are a few things to note currently:

The mods that have been redone in this mod are as follows:

Thirallan, The Realm of Dragons, Deathbourne, Robot Rebellion, and a completely new project.

2. This mod is currently incomplete, the following things are either nonexistent or inaccessible at this current time:

Realm of Dragons, Some of Thirallan, Deathbourne, and the new project.

3. There is a placeholder sprite: the Farmer Scene Sprite is a placeholder for the character: Pyrrhos.

4. This mod has been created for the KOZ Modding Competition.


  • 30 Sep 00:01
    Version 1.0.0

    This is the initial release. For the KOZ Modding Competition.


29.09 2020
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