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Howdy folks!

Playing superhuman difficulty is often hard. At the start of every game, you are always hard pressed for cash.

If you are wanting cash, this mod is for you.

Mercenaries, by the name of SP Mercs, are running crazed and terrorizing the world. The World Government has offer a bounty for these terrorists.

Shoot them dead or capture them, best you capture them and they sell for ransom at a very high price. However, the fun part is you research them and find out their real identity. It is a real riot!

I am no longer modding anymore and life in retirement is good. No longer have to put up with the garbage in the discord. However, I do have a few closing sentence before I go.

This is a snippet from the forum

What happened to the UFO/TFTD hybrid mod?

Starving Poet09/25/2020
The creator had a temper tantrum and left

- Well, it seems like I have to clutter this one more time with this mod. And in this mod, you get to be shot at. Oh, I no longer have any more temper tantrum but a real good laugh.

Damn, just when I was thinking of checking it out

-So Sorry Cullen, the gang at Discord chase me out. All I did was I asked a question and was given a vague answer, when I asked for more details and I pissed people off. They blamed me for having bad english and mocked me for unable to asked the question properly. So, it is best I retired. Since they wanted me out badly. Anyway, like they had said, Hybrid Feature is a gimmick. So, no point in modding anymore for me! Retirement is fun..

But hey, I do want to put my modding talent into use for one last time. This simple mod, where you get to shoot at human opponents in UFO Enemy Unknown. It is not the mercenaries you kill that is fun, but who you shoot at. Research to find out more when you capture them! Ransom them out for a very good price to start off your game!

For those of you whom are interested in installation.


Download a copy of OXC or OXEC, any version.

Download this mod, make sure you have a copy of the UFO enemy unknown game.

Move this mod to the mod folder, enable and play! Have fun and have a good laugh!



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    Version 1.0



26.09 2020
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