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Ever try to build your own custom ships with the LIGHTNIN tileset, but you keep running into issues with missing pieces? Well no more! The LIGHTNIAR tileset adds:

  1. Ramps going all directions
  2. Single and double doors going in all directions
  3. A 2x2 power source
  4. Thin walls for the interior design
  5. Interior doors
  6. Lifts
  7. Consoles facing in all directions
  8. And that one missing chair

This is not an update to LIGHTNIA Modular Lightning tileset. The two include basically the same pieces, but work differently. LIGHTNIA replaces the old LIGHTNIN tileset and includes all of its pieces, which ultimately made the file size too large. LIGHTNIAR is used along with LIGHTNIN, as it only adds the new pieces. LIGHTNIAR also removes the 3x3 centered gun on the top, as it consumed more tiles than it is worth. Craft maps are limited to 254 tiles. If you're wondering which one to use, I recommend using LIGHTNIAR, it'll save you trouble down the road. But if you're already using LIGHNIA, don't bother switching.



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