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This mod adds more differential ratios for original SCS transmissions in ATS.


Differential ratio is a number which means how many times slower the axle rotates than the cardan shaft. The more differential ratio is – the slower your truck goes at the same RPM.


I made bigger differential ratios for more realistic driving and better handling of heavy cargoes. The last differential, 4.11, should be enough for carrying ~100 ton trailers.


Starting from version 1.3 there are also lower differentials for faster and more fuel economic drive. But you should have a powerful engine for that – otherwise you may get stuck at high slopes!


The mod:

– does not replace anything, works as addon

– does not change gear names

– adds 2.16, 2.28, 2.47, 2.64, 2.85, 3.08, 3.25, 3.55, 3.73, 3.91 and 4.11 differentials for all vanilla transmissions

– has real differential ratio numbers

– works not only with Eaton 13 and 18 speeders, but with every transmission in the game including 10 speeders, Allison and 12 speeders

– has default prices and unlocks for all transmissions

– works with any version of the game

– works with any priority in mod manager


Currently supported truck mods:

– Kenworth T900 Legend

– Kenworth W900 Long (by richt05tv)





Modell: PikPikker
Textur: PikPikker
Idee / Konzept: PikPikker
Sonstige: PikPikker


  • 24 Mar 01:04
    Version 1.0



24.03 2021
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V 1.0
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