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Huge jumps, fancy obstacles and unlimited number of possibilities is probably the best description of this mod.

This map was originally made from Dirt Garden but not much is left of it, the terrain is 3 times larger and allows for longer trails.

I recomend using Bike Switcher mod for better experience.

There are 4 main teleportation points which then lead to many different lines:

- Main Lines

- Dirt Jumps

- Skatepark

- Learning Center: Master your pumping and Moon Jump

A lot of hard work and heart has been put into this project and now I can finally publish it.

I hope you will have a lot of fun riding it :)

If you want you can support my work here:

Due to the large size of the file, the Linux and OSX versions must be downloaded separately. [ Download on Linux and OSX here: link ].

Link to my 3D models that I used in this project : ( here will be a link soon :D )

Link to the page from which all the textures I used come from:

Thanks a lot to Siro for letting me use his script.

If you have questions contact me on discord: KAMUS#4915




17.08 2022
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