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I wasn't going to open this up to Public use, but why not? It is just my personal version on a "cheat" truck that has a few things everyone should have. It is my private mod which is now public. I will continue to change/update it as I want/need so no complaints. If you don't like it, then make your own. Now go haul something.

- Large fuel capacity - 600L

- The Engines have been changed and updated to have more power. The better engines are more than adequate for any hauling. I have reduced their responsiveness which some will not like, but this is MY truck.

- It has a Maintenance Frame Addon with unrealistic values: 2000 repair, 1400L fuel, and 8 tire repairs

- I've included a full set of tires with very high specs. I've also added in a couple of special "snow tires" which are mud tires with extra specs to work on ice. These are in the Chain Tire category.

- A custom gearbox and suspension to take advantage of the better tires.

- The truck has its mass adjusted to keep it more firmly on the ground. It can tip and it does carry the front tires under load. The suspension is better than the default and raised options and seems to make the truck much easier to drive on rough trails

- The gearbox does provide some good speed in top gears and the low gears provide plenty of power to go up hills and through mud.

- Several new Snorkels

- Most, if not all, items are unlocked. I don't recall seeing any locks but that does not mean they aren't any. Sorry



  • 11 Jan 02:55
    Version 1.1.1

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09.01 2021
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