Naut's Loadstar

V 1.0 mod for SnowRunner

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This mod adds a version of the Loadstar with a few tweaks, it still uses the original engines, gearboxes and wheels. No Tayga tyres here.

- Selectable AWD

- 150L of fuel rather than 130L

- Some Fleetstar engine sounds

- Minor adjustments to the suspension to make the front end less bouncy

More frame addons:

- Small flatbed / sideboard bed

- Small fuel tank and small van body

- DON 71 roof racks

- Low saddle, not that I'm implying it's any good at towing large trailers but the Acteon and Warthog both get the low saddle, so why not this?


  • 22 Nov 12:53
    Version 1.0


22.11 2020
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