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Your old friend Zhenya returned from the US, where he got a higher education and was elected the new mayor in his old, run-down town. He also brought American trucks with him (you decide whether to drive them or sell and buy your own). You got to organize work on building new businesses in the city and improving the suburbs. Summer was very warm, nights are very short and light (you can't miss it). The garage is open. You just have to find it by following the signs from the parking lot. The area has two maps, a town and a village, each 1 x 1 km. It would be very interesting to drive around the town and countryside in cars without four wheel drive and with street tires, unless you need to get to the logging site. Deal with the bridges first.


There are 2 maps in the region: the town of Knyazhevsk and the village of Tikhy.


Season pass required.


In the region:

- 5 cars at the start;

- lots of cars on the cards;

- 6 lookout towers;

- 9 improvements;

- 33 contracts;


Modell: prince-of-silence
Textur: prince-of-silence
Script: prince-of-silence
Idee / Konzept: prince-of-silence
Tester: prince-of-silence
Sonstige: prince-of-silence


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30.04 2021
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V 1.0
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