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Hey guys, I'm finally re-releasing Yak Street, under a different name, Shopping Street!

It was about time I got around to updating this one, as so many of you have requested it!

Shopping Street is a street map set on a bustling city shopping street. Plenty of stairs, ledges and rails!

Whats Different?

- New Obstales (Way more fun to skate)

- Better Performance

- Removed annoying city and water sounds

- Actual glass reflections

-Brand new Grind Splines (way less glitchy annoying bugs)

- New and Imporved Lighting

- New and Improved Textures and Materials

- New Foliage

If you are feeling generous, heres my paypal to help me build a better PC, currently working on such a Potato PC!

PayPal -

Thanks for all the support and kind words over the last few months, cant wait to release all that I have been working on!

Happy New Year Everyone!



31.12 2020
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