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This is another rough, beta and untextured version of this map, wanted to get it playable before trying to make it look nicer.

I tried to find a balance in terms of scale that played okay with both vanilla and hardcore stats. Since I ported this over from UE4 in parts as meshes, there are a lot of little issues, I basically have to rebuild a bunch of stuff as I go, but I think I got most of the grinds in there and somewhat functional at least.

Let me know here in the comments if you run into any major glitches!

I'm sure someone could do a much better job of this map, and I look forward to some else's more accurate and better playing version of the community center from skate. Please, make it happen!

To install, unzip to your \Documents\SkaterXL\Maps\ folder


  • 23 Aug 07:03
    Version beta 1.0


23.08 2020
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