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This is my take on the Chevrolet Kodiak C70. I love the way this truck looks, but wanted to make it a truck that I also love to drive. I spent a good amount of time on it. I hope you all like it.


I have added a lot of options and different configurations for optimal customization to tackle any mission. Major changes include:

- 3 Custom SK Tuned Turbo Diesel Engines

- 4 Custom SK Tuned (Active) Suspensions

- 4 Custom SK Tuned Gearboxes

- 4 Custom SK Tuned Autonomous Winches

- Custom SK Tuned Mini-Crane - Thanks to masterkosta for allowing me to use his Russian Black Mini-Crane

- Custom SK Tuned Heavy US Crane

- Additional Bumpers, Frame Addons, Snorkels, Light Bars, Cabin Protectors, and other misc addons for lots of customization choices

- All Tires Tweaked for Optimal Performance in any terrain (Removed some tire choices and added new ones)

- Increased Fuel Capacities across the board

- Increased Damage Capacities in all areas

- Added Winch Points

- Locked Diff and Added E-Brake to All 4 Wheels

- Unlocked all addons to level 1

Too much to list! I made many changes to improve performance all around. Some options may be "OP" but that's the way I like to play this game and I know some of ya'll are the same. If this is not your style, there are lots of other choices out there to fill your needs. I hope you all enjoy this rig, and look forward to your feedback. Enjoy!

*Any custom assets in this mod package are the protected intellectual property of the person who created them. Any and all custom assets used in this package were granted permission prior to use. PLEASE DO NOT attempt to use custom assets in any way without permission of their creator*



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    Version 1.0.0



06.01 2021
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