Sniper Rifle [By Warboy, Toshiaki2115]

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Original Author : Warboy, Toshiaki2115

Disclaimer: I take no credit for this mod. I hope that the original author is ok with the re-post, otherwise please let me know. I just fixed it for personal use and thought others would like it as well. Re-posting after fixing directory structure and adding metadata.yml to support current OXC & OXCE.


This .50 caliber sniper rifle is more powerful than a standard rifle and has excellent accuracy. However, it is harder to use and has a low rate of fire.

I believe the inventory sprite and stats came from UFO:TTS so credit to the team behind that. this version includes a customized variant by Toshiaki2115, and some custom bullet sprites/etc added by me. simply enable the one you prefer.




06.09 2021
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