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The follow up to space trials 1, after a bit of tinkering I figured I could go even harder. While not all of these checkpoints will be harder for you personally at least some should be. This will probably stay as my hardest but I plan on making some more trials around the same difficulty as stormy trials and some easier more suited to speedrunning, as well as incorporating more obstacles that include turns rather than this style of pure straight.

Green is the main path.

Red is for blocking cuts.

Rainbow is for checkpoints, start/finish.

I have a bonus couple checkpoints planned for off to the right of the finishline which will be even harder but also somewhat rng so didn't want for main course and will require too much testing for me to make for now. Expect within a couple weeks.

If you need any help, or have ideas for future maps, feel free to DM me on discord DragonKiller37#7838




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