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This mod adds new maps which are fairly close to vanilla though slightly optimized and most importantly with a third layer on top! All of the spawn points have been redone and should work better. The base control has way more spawn points now, and a lot of the aliens will spawn at that part of the base. The commander should now correctly spawn in the upstairs alien base control room instead of the buggy vanilla behavior in which the commander was found most commonly in the engineering bay.

There is a secret room above the alien base control room!

Several of the alien artifacts occur in greater numbers within the alien base now, including:
Alien Food
Alien Entertainment
Alien Reproduction
Alien Habitat
UFO Power Source
...and those red glowing blorbs

This mod uses a custom tileset in order to adjust some of the tile types and graphics. Primary changes include:
The purple navigation units in the control room are now yellow to indicate that they are not recovered as navigation and are instead the mission objective.
The brown tanks of yellow fluid are now recovered as Alien Reproduction.
The alien plants are now recovered as Alien Habitat.
The orange plants with blue tips now have tips which flash and glow in the dark (like in The Dig).
Several objects which counted as alien alloys yet did not look like metal now count as nothing special.

This mod will not be compatible with anything that changes alien base maps or tiles, but should be compatible with everything else.



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