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V 5.0 mod for Ski-Region-Simulator 2012

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In cooperation with Jonny48 has managed to further improving the TechnoAlpin snow guns from LSBrandi Modding and equip them with new features. In addition, the snow guns were equipped with the transport script of Austrian Modding teams. This script provides not only a better transportability, but also a relief for the user. So it is now possible, with AMT signs to convey our snow cannons.


Included in the pack are:

  • TF10 Mobile version
  • TF10 supporting frame with supports
  • TF10 Lift Tower
  • T40 Mobile version
  • T40 support frame with supports
  • T40 Lift Tower

The snow cannons are now offering many great and brand new features such as:

  • Detailed canon models
  • work light
  • Lights remain activated even after disembarking
  • original sound
  • outdoor sound
  • animated Lift Tower
  • Cannon with tarpaulin coverable (summer scenario)


Manufacturer's Description:

The TF10 is a fully automatic snow guns, designed as a low-pressure fan gun. The TF10 has a huge litter and distributes the snow over a large area.

This consistent snow quality over the entire propagation is possible and working in the slope preparation is shortened and an eye-catcher in a ski resort.


Have fun with the snow cannons Pack wishes LSBrandi modding!


There are the following Terms of Use


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LSBrandi Modding

Attacherscript: Austrian Modding Team

Placeablescript: GIANTS

  • 24 Dec 15:43
    Version 5.0

    Neues Script zur Speicherung von Aufsatzteilen
    Neues Script zur Einbindung einer automatischen Schwenkfunktion
    Neues Script zur Waagerechten Ausrichtung eines Fahrzeugs
    Neues Script zur Einblendung einer manuellen Hilfe
    Ausbau von ToggleAnimParts.lua
    Neues Modell Schwenkarm 6m
    Neues Modell Schwenkarm 10m
    Neues Modell M18
    Neues Modell Piano
    Neues Modell T60
    Neues Modell Tragrahmen und Mobil

  • 12 Mar 12:02
    Version 3.0 PLACEABLE

    neue Turmvariante (1,6m Turm)
    Texturen überarbeitet
    weitere kleinere Anpassungen

  • 11 Feb 11:19
    Version 2.0 HOTFIX

    Schneipreis angepasst
    kleinere Bugs beseitigt


30.03 2015
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  1. jzeitlin 09. 12 2016

    I am having problems with the gun. When ever I go and buy it in the game the entire game freezes. Is DLC 1 required for use? How do I fix this problem?