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Version 1.0
By Lord_Kane

Welcome to TFTD Plus
A mod that aims to make your next TFTD playthrough a bit more interesting.


What does this mod do?

TFTD Plus makes the following changes VS vanilla TFTD
Please note that some of these also happen in TFTD Plus' companion mod for UFO: UFO Plus

1. Craft repair time decreased, so it wont take 3 months to fix your Manta or your sanity.

2. Unlike UFO, I found that TFTD's detect chances stupidly low for the basic sonars, so with this mod the detect chance has been slightly upped to something more reasonable.
3. Some items have been changed:
a: Thermal Tazers have been made one handed, so you can form capture teams with them plus a pistol in a off hand.
b: Thermal Shock Launchers have also been made one handed for the same reason.
c: Medi Kits can now be used on the soliders carrying them.

4. Base Defenses have been improved made slightly more effective.

5. Troop Training via OXCE "Transformation"
a: Basic Training that adds +5 to all skills (minus MC)
b: Recon Training that basically allows you create fast soldiers ideal for scouting enemy positions
c: CQB (Close Quarters Battle) Training, allows you to create short range or melee assault soldiers or even alien capture teams
d: Trooper Training for creating all around decent basic infantry.
e: Heavy Training to have soldiers who have to carry around the BIG guns.
f: M.C Specialist Training, for when you have to absolutely postively mind control everyone....or close to everyone.
g: X-COM Veteran Training, have your soldiers to spend some time with former x-com veterans from the first war, teach em the tricks of the trade.
h: Soldier Resurrection, want that guy you just paid 500000 to train back? cool, use this then, but be warned it will take em 24 days to recover.

There are no limits on these soldier transformation options other then cost, so while it sounds cool to train everyone at the veteran status, its gonna cost you.

6. Performance Bonus, do well in the month and you make more money, Cool huh?

7. Bug hunt mode...for those...longer missions

8. other options from UFO Plus have also been added, you can find those changes in the read me for UFO Plus.

Extract the TFTDPLUS folder into your user/mods directory, if you dont know where that is, consult the forums or the discord.

Recommended Mods to run alongside Plus (optional)

Explosion Size set to 3 (in options)
Infinite Gauss
Satan Claus' TFTD Craft Reskin by Roxis231
Extended Facilities for TFTD
Skyhawk's Fix Gauss Coelcanth



  • 17 Dec 21:31
    Version 1.0

    Initial Release



17.12 2020
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