The Hybrid Mod version 3.6 with Expansions.

V mod for OpenXcom

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This Mega Mod consist of the Hybrid Mod version 3.6 Merged with the following mods.

-Hobbes' Terrain Pack 1.0.2
-Reaver's Faithful ver
-Nord's The World of Terrifying Silence. 2.45
-Solarius The Final Mod Pack. 2.7

The Mod has almost all the assets for all those mods.

This Megamod is a demonstration of using the Hybrid Mod as a base for modding Hybrid Mods.

Nord's the world of Terrifying Silence will only trigger when the TFTD arch starts.


1) Get a copy of UFO and copy into the mod.

2) Load order, the Hybrid Mod goes at the bottom. Check the screenshot. It has to be at the bottom.

3) Start playing the mod.

4) Missing features.

The Depth Mechanics for Reaver and FMP is not yet implemented. Would be in the near future.

Art assets for The World of Terrifying Silence is mostly converted with the exception of the UFOPEDIA.

Most of the world of Terrifying Silence ufopedia is accessible.

This is a TFTD mod now converted to run on UFO.

-The MegaMod function like the Hybrid Mod. Ufo story arch first then TFTD.

-The Globe is 100% accessible.

-Underwater Combat.

This mod is not posted in the Hybrid Mod 3.6 section due to some extra files added to ensure of the compatibility possible.




06.03 2022
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