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v1.3 : Work on all maps without any manipulation/modification to do !!!

This mod adds a new kind of pigs! Wild pigs! There are 2 species between them with different ratios. One is a breed of breeders that is made to breed to sell them. The other is a rather dirty species that produces more manure and liquid manure.
A breeding farm is provided with this mod to handle wild pigs, you can not buy them from the animal dealer and you have to pay a price to catch them when you buy them. For sale, you can use the 2 livestock trailers to bring them to the pet merchants who will buy them back, otherwise you will pay a fee to release protected species in the wild.
Wild pigs therefore eat a little different from pigs, they need more protein (50%) and want more fruits from the land.
The husbandry also have a button to call pigs ! Inside in the middle of the room (pigs may have eaten the button).


                For multiplayer , before you played with a custom map , you need to go in you "mods" directory and you'll see a directory with the same name of the Map ZIP, with only 1 file into (savagePigAnimalHusbandry.xml), if you played with savage pig on this map. You have to delete this directory with the file > So after you will not have any trouble to relaunch your savegame or create a new game (known bug for multiplayer and the need of having all mods under ZIP on launch).


We will work to make them auto-deleted as soon as possible.


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Model: Melimodding, KurryM,Kastor
Texture: Melimodding, KurryM,Kastor
Script: Melimodding
Idea / Concept: Melimodding
Testing: Melimodding
Other: Melimodding


  • 14 Mar 16:30
    Version 1.3



14.03 2019
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V 1.3
Farming Simulator 19
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  1. What do you have with the ZIP ?? I just tried to re-download with the link and test to play:

    It is perfectly working in multiplayer with stock or custom mod map.

    BUT in fact after (or before) you play with a Custom Mod Map you have to go in your "mods" directory and normally you will have Directories with same name of the ZIP_MAP if you already played before with savage pigs on this map, with only 1 file into (savagePigAnimalHusbandry.xml).
    YOU NEED TO DELETE this directory with the file (because the game believe mod is into the directory) , the file will come back on load and while you play > but no trouble with that. The problem is only on launch.
    After deleting only this directory (do not need to touch the map ZIP) > you can launch game and you will see again the Maps for new game or be able to load savegame(even for multiplayer) without errors.

    I will update descriptions , but in fact i will also look if i can delete them in-mod (so no need of manipulations)

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