TM-66 Tologri class Fleet Carrier

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The TM-66 Tologri class Fleet Carrier is the flagship of the Pilot's Federation and the largest ever produced. It is meant to carry almost any ship, drone, fighter and more and is highly adaptable and editable to be perfect for any situation. Reaction thrusters provide it with insane speeds, however turning is quite limited. It has front facing weaponry (if you somehow can use that) and many. MANY. 400mm dual turrets to eviscerate any enemy ship that comes within its range.

It also has accomodation for many people, alongside a medbay, mess hall, and an engineering room. It has a very long jump range due to a high amount of jump drives that some may call excessive, alongside a quantum displacement drive.

There is known issues with conveyers not delivering ammo to some of the guns, so keep that in mind.

I do NOT give ANYONE permission to repost this without my permission, except for my friends.




23.06 2022
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