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#UFO Vanilla Variants by hellrazor
#Readme for Version 1.3
#Credit: see CREDITS.TXT

A collection of the vanilla ufo interior variants, made by a variety of people over time.
Including vanilla variant files, from Luke's Extra UFO's mod, YetMoreUFO's Mod and Extra Battleships.
Maps and Routes have been rechecked and some minor errors fixed. Quality overwork.
The maps have been darkened, so you can walk along the West and North walls, without revealing
the inside terrain, this also increased the alien alloy account for recovery, but only to a small

There are also another Version of U_BITS.MCD and U_EXT02.MCD, which make those ships
complete sealed against blasts from rockets or explosives.
If you do not want those MCD files simply delete them and restart OpenXcom and you get vanilla settings.

Additional UFO Maps (darkened):
8 Medium Scout Maps
27 Large Scout Maps
24 Harvester Maps
10 Abductor Maps
8 Terror Ship Maps
2 Supply Ship Maps
7 Battleship Map

Which makes a total of 86 strictly vanilla interior variants.

#UFO Vanilla Variants by hellrazor

Intall instructions:
- Go to your Mod folder and delete the old "UFO_Vanilla_Variants" directory.
- Extract Zip file
- Copy over the directory "Darkened_UFO_Vanilla_Variants" in your user mods directory.
- Active "UFO_Vanilla_Variants" under Mods

This mod requieres at least: openxcom_git_master_2019_11_10_1731 or newer



  • 15 Jul 04:48
    Version v1.3

    Version 1.3:
    - Fix UFOL83.MCD for new MCD check patch



10.02 2019
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