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--==New playable races, all coming with hand-drawn spritework and Ufopaedia entries==--


A large and fearsome combatant, capable of carrying heavy weapons and soak a lot of damage, lower reactions and arm stats mean that they have a hard time hitting enemies at distance though!


Small, nimble but weak. They suffer from a serious lack of strength and health but make up for it with high TUs and reactions, making them ideal scouting units!


Low overall base stats but they come with a built-in weapon in their left hand, capable of throwing fireballs and lightning bolts at the cost of stamina, able to cause devastating damage to the enemy!

--==Custom battlescape UI!==--

Handmade and sleak UI for your battlescape and inventory screens, replacing the drab and kinda ugly looking pink button mess from the original game.

--==More to come!==--

Depending on feedback, i will keep working on this project, slowly adding things from time to time, so keep an eye on this spot!

Got an issue or encountered a bug? Want to discuss this mod or talk to the developer behind it?
You can reach me here ==> I.D.T Discord Chat

All spritework, modeling and code done by Hans Woofington
Massive thanks to the IDT for help with coding shenanigans

Do not use any sprites without permission!




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