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Total Conversion Mod focused on QOL and replayability for OpenXcom Extended.

being developped by greenscarf (for now)

please report any bugs/ideas on issues. (git repo)


OSC needs latest OXCE to run properly.

  1. clone the repository / download attached file on mod.io page
  2. move the repository toMy PC/Documents/OpenXcom/mods
  3. run latest OXCE then press mods
  4. enable OpenScarfCom


there is one design philosophy for OpenScarfCom (OSC for short): make it more replayable.

([x]: done |

  • : wip | none : planned feature)

  • Quality Of Life features

    • [X] All crafts now auto-patrol (also radar removed on base)
    • [X] Hyper & Trajectory integrated
    • Different sprites for loaded/unloaded weapons
    • Reduce real-time spent onResearch and Manufacture
      • One item, multiple variations
    • Easier item and units overhauls and upgrades
  • Improved Alien AI

    • [X] Spotter & Sniper tactics
    • [X] Carry multiple pre-primed grenades
    • Melee attack for all & pick up weapons
    • Change tactics depending on situations
  • Enhanced Tactical Combat

    • [X] Using environment for advantage (increased fire & smoke damage)
    • [X] Powered Exoskeletons
    • More randomness (maps, enemy loadouts, etc../)
    • One feature, multiple uses (laser weapons can switch to 'shotgun' mod)
    • Directional lightings and visions
  • Enhanced Aerial Combat

    • hunter-killer ufos
    • make all weapons viable (apart from avalanche and plasma beam spam)
    • ufo shields
    • more meaningful interactions (other than careful/aggressive)
      • built-in cannons and afterbunners
  • Replayability

    • Alien strategy changes based on your actions
    • Story arcs
    • Multi endings
    • Make every mission meaningful (even failed ones)
    • Overall same or less playtime than vanilla X-COM
  • the OSC itself

    • Organized Directories
    • Ruleset/Scripting Conventions
    • Detailed Documentations
    • Transifex support
    • Automatic uploads to mod.io after commits


just simply make a pull request. if it suits the design philosopy above, it will be merged as soon as possible. if not, we could always discuss to make possible modifications.


i have no rights to any of the mods included below.

scarfcom could not have been developed without help from these mods. mod assets are in seperate folders. these mods included are out of my bounds all rights goes to their respective owners. so please keep in mind as they may (certainly) not be cc0.

if you are the author of these mods and do not wish these mods to be used, please let me know, or PM me on openxcom forums, or contact me with honestlawn005@gmail.com. it will be removed immediately.

Community Map Pack by CMP admin and various contributers

licenced under CC-BY-NC

Extra Explosions by Arathanor, Strarvingpoet


HQ sounds by daedalus, hellrazor

Combat Armor by Warboy1982, Ryskeliini recolor by Solarius Scorch




24.04 2021
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