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I realized that i can endlessly add new things and endlessly postpone the release version. So let me introduce you:
The X-Chronicles version 0.99
Welcome to the global fantasy-themed overhaul mod.
This time, the aliens did not come, instead - magic came to Earth. And along with it, strange magical creatures, sorcerers, zombies and other fantasy clichés.
Or not really?
Choose a patron country on which the gameplay will depend.
Learn magic technologies and throw away your guns.
Evolve your operatives from ordinary humans to demigods ... or monsters.
Learn powerful battle spells.
With all these bells and whistles, go down to the abode of Aliens ...
and lose outright to the horrors there.

Available languages: US English and Russian.

Copy to the mod folder, run the game and chose "Base game" X-Chronicles.
Thanks: to OpenXcom authors for a brilliant game; to Yankes and Meridian for powerful OXCE, to the other modders from whom I borrowed something.

Release status: mod is fully playable, but not really balanced.
Version 0.99 means, that i will work on it further, maybe for years, adding new stuff and redacting existing things.

Future plans:
- more maps;
- more undead;
- more summons;
- demons;
- alchemy;
- dwarves and elves, maybe.

If you want to help:
- This mod desperately needs a spell check of English translation.
- More map blocks needed for existing terrains. I will do it myself, but slowly.
- I will be grateful for bug reports.




03.11 2021
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