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The main purpose of the modification is to combine UFO and TFTD, realizing the potential of OXCE+.

There are no plot deviations from the original, except for traitor-earthlings fighting on the side of aliens. The game features all races, technologies and ships of the original UFO and TFTD, with the addition of a lot of new features.

- The war takes place both on land and under water.
- 3 technological levels.
- Manned fighter aircraft.
- Manned tanks and cyborgs.
- Cargo aviation for faster and cheaper rotation of cargo and personnel.
- The characteristics of UFOs strongly depend on race.
- The characteristics of the aliens strongly depend on the level of difficulty.
- Aggressive UFOs that can attack X-COM aircraft themselves.
- Several monthly missions, the number of which increases with time.
- The damage of the weapon depends on the characteristics of the soldiers.
- Some types of weapons have an accuracy bonus depending on the type of infantry.
- The ships have power shields. Power shields on the battlefield.
- Some aliens are immune to various forms of psionic attacks.
- Used "Hybrid Globe - Vanilla" from luke83, for which many thanks to him!


- Voices RA - Voice-over of global events.
- Sound - A set of musical arrangements of different themes.
- TFTD ICONS - An interface close to TFTD.

The translation into English is not professional, machine-made. Therefore, I apologize in advance for possible mistakes, but English is not my native language and I have never learned it and am not going to yet.

Mod added only what I thought was appropriate. That is consistent with the logic and atmosphere of Ufo and TFTD. Used a variety of mods to extract useful information. To list them will not undertake, because they do not remember where took. Because the authorship of build mods can be considered collective.

To compensate for the lack of titles and not to be impolite, I also do not specify myself as the author. Any resources of this modification can be freely used by anyone and as they want, without any notifications.

The modification has not been fully tested and will be finalized, but this does not mean that I will be able to provide technical support on a regular basis. I am not able to maintain a constant online and promptly respond to notifications.

Author - Open X-COM Community.




24.07 2022
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