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First, thanks to all people who do awesome works and mods. I have taken some things from many mods to use it or modify it to adapt to my work. Credits to all:

hobbes (Terrain Pack) - terrains, maps, geoscape map.
hobbes (Area 51) - Human Soldier, Blackbird MCD parts.
hellrazor (Thunder) - base craft and MCD parts.
Solarius Scorch (XCOM Files)
Aliens inventory, hybrid.
Sounds, images of taser and others.
Farmer civilians.
Power Suit/Flying suit armors spritesheet.
Extra explosions.
Soldier screams.
MCD parts.
Solarius Scorch (FinalModPack) - Xcom cyberdisc.
Solarius Scorch (Celebrate Diversity) - Soldier names, flags.
Solarius Scorch (SolarsNewUfos) - UFOs Sentry/Excavator/Figther ideas and png images. MCD parts
Sorry, i lost the name of this author. (GenderDetail) - Busty female armor.
Reaver of Darkness (ReaverFullMod) - Heracles basebit and icon, alien habitat backscreen, ideas for plasma cannon recovery.
Shoes, Ivan Dogovich, hellrazor (Commendations v2.1) - full mod.
redv (PSIwar) - Helmet, Spritesheet.
OXCE (Armed civilians) - full mod.
CanadianBeaver (Awesome guns) - Ligthning image, Blackops weapons parts, craft missiles images.
MKSheppard and Gix (Improved nations) - new nations.
Sorry i lost the name of this author and original mod - Kevlar vest soldier spritesheet and inventory.
Kzer-Za (UnrandomizedWounds) - base script.
Daedalus (HQSounds) - Alien sounds and small explosions sound.

Thanks to Yankes and Meridian for the guidance while was scripting.

If i used some material that is from yourself and i don't give you the respective credit or you don't want to allows to use or modify your material, please, tell me at openxcom forum: cevaralien.


This mod is a expansion of the features of the original XCOM.

I added some new UFOS, weapons, armors and craft weapons.
The game is not so straight forward to finish it like the original one. Some critical techs requieres many others to unlock it. And... it is critical to capture aliens.
Changes to the dynamics of the game. The wounding effects are different, in fact, no one dies inmediately from limbs wounds, but if the wounds are so severe, the unit will fall unconscious and it could lost some time or firing points from his or her stats.
All damage is "flat"; there is no "zero" damage, but critical hits to body parts.
There are some add-ons for power and flying suits.
Rework of Personal Armor, laser weapons and addition of new handguns for armed civilians.
New Alloy Armor (modification from Kevlar Armors)
Small map modifications for some UFOS.
Plasma cannon (and power cell) are recoverable from UFOs.
New HEAT ammo for rocket launcher, special for heavy armored units (yes i speak about you, Sectopods and Cyberdiscs).
Asthetical modifications to original crafts: Lightning, Skyranger and a total rework of Avenger, based on Thunder craft.
Modification to alien mechanics. They are more dangerous.
Ethereals don't use weapons... at all. Be alert, they are very dangerous.
Some new alien ammo for small launcher.
Laser weapons are RECHARGABLE after finish the mission and they don't dissapears after depleat the energy.
Add-ons for firearms: grenade launcher and shotgun modules.
Now there is no "obsolete" weapons. All have it's pro and cons.
Rebalance of units stats: no more athlete runners or super soldiers.
New countries and limits to funding.
New mechanics to infiltration.
Psionics attacks requires special training, not only psi skills.
Redesign of Living Quarters, Workshops and General Stores maps, to match with game descriptions.
And more...

I hope you like it. You can use it or it's parts as you want, but be careful with the third-party material.


It could be reasonable to save Mind Probes and Muton corpses. ;-)


Just unzip on your mod files.



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