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Hi, welcome to X-com Zuper Cool Edition!

Although the mod's name may make you think otherwise, this is not a big deal. Zuper Cool aims to make the game more engaging and renew things for the experienced that wants to feel a sense of discovery again.

If you are already convinced and want to discover the changes by yourself, you may want to skip the "Overview" and "Modules" parts.


  • The folder you'll download will contain the mods (ex: ZC_Cheap_life).
  • Put those mods into Documents/OpenXcom/mods


Zuper Cool makes your soldiers more unique and important. You may only bring ten soldiers with your skyranger, and will have to juggle with your troop's varying stats.

The arsenal also gets a facelift. The heavy cannon and auto-cannon have both been redesigned; working as a sniper rifle, which is powerful and precise, but requires positioning and planning, and a minigun, powerful auto fire but costly and cumbersome. The PeaceKeeper revolver is the new rookie in your starting gear; light and somewhat versatile, it may save your favourite soldier with a quickdraw in times of urgent need. Finally, the Gauss-Henri rifle may be manufactured once "laser weapons" research is done; It is arguably better than the laser rifle in certain situations, but it will require some manufacture power.

With all of these little additions, you will be able to organize your tactics with the revisited inventory TU costs. In short: leg pockets are fast but the same side of your hand is best, shoulder pockets is good on hand's opposite side, belt is fast to take from and drop on the ground, but slow to put things on.

But at the geoscape, things change a bit as well. Selling manufactured items won't get you as much money anymore, but things are balanced with autopsies. Now, finishing the autopsy researches will unlock organ manufacture. So you can still sell alien bodies for quick cash, but using them to manufacture organs will give you a better income at the cost of time and engineers.


The mod is divided into several mods. That is to let you easily customize the mod's features you want to use, and make it easier to use the mod as template for your owns. Each mods from Zuper Cool is marked with a "ZC_" at the start of the file's name, so its easy tofind them and activate them.

  • ZC_Autominigun: Modifies the auto-cannon
  • ZC_Cheap_life: Modifies the selling value of manufactures
  • ZC_Gausshenri mod: Adds the Gauss-Henri rifle
  • ZC_Organ_market: Adds the organ manufacture
  • ZC_rev_mod: Adds the PeaceKeeper
  • ZC_Sniper: Modifies the heavy-cannon
  • ZC_soldier_stats: Modifies the soldiers' possible starting stats and some stats' cap
  • ZC_tighter_space: Max ten soldiers in skyranger
  • ZC_TUtweaks: Inventory TU costs changes


Kohout's Pistol Mod was used to learn and template. Check it out, especially if you want a simple and clean mod to use as mod template

Current Version: 0.7

**I do not know if it works for TFTD. It was made for UFO anyway, I have yet to play TFTD substancially.

**Incoming Content:

  • balance of vanilla manufacture and organ money making.
  • balance of the auto-cannon.
  • Reaper skin armour.
  • Revisited ennemies. Adding armoured ennemies, and stuff. To make planning and varied use of AP/IN/HE not only helpful, but vital and engaging.




19.07 2022
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