Yar 78 super scout

V 1.0.1 mod for SnowRunner

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This mod is for the more experienced mod user out here! You will need to replace a few .xml files in your games folder.

The Yar 78 Super Scout


1# 80m extra power winch without the need for a running engine

2# 50% more torque

3# big fuel tank

4# little higher suspension

5# stronger parts

6# tires with better grip in mud

7# More Spare Parts for roof rack

This mod still feels very realistic except for the fuel quantity and strength of its parts which makes it the ultimate scout and recovery vehicle.



Manual Installation:

Step 1: Browse to: C:\Program Files\Epic Games\SnowRunner\en_us\preload\paks\client (Default file location)

Step 2: Open init.pak with WinRar (if Winrar cannot open a .pak file, right click on the .pak file and go to properties > Opens With and choose "WinRar")

Step 3: In WinRar, browse to Media\Classes\ (e.g. Trucks)

Step 4: Extract the downloaded files from this website to your Windows Machine (e.g. downloads folder)

Step 5: Open a new Windows Explorer window and browse to the downloaded file and drag it into winrar. A popup will ask you to do something.

Step 6: Choose under compression method: "Store" and press "OK". Make sure to store each file in its belonging folder! Engines to engines, truck to trucks etc.

Step 7: Close Winrar and start the game!


This mod works in COOP but the mod runs Client side meaning the other player will see your vehicle and are able to use it but they have default Yar 78 settings.


v1.0.1 put torque back on default for middle and rear axle. AWD does not need to be ON all the time.


  • 14 Jul 17:47
    Version 1.0.1

    #Changed torque back to default on middle and rear axle.


13.05 2020
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