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This is a Warhammer 40k total conversion for OpenXcom, based on an earlier space marine mod by Ryskeliini. As Force Commander for the Imperium of Man on a planet beseiged by Chaos, you must find a way to end the Warp Storm and purge your world!

By Ryskeliini, bulletdesigner, ohartenstein23, and many contributors from the OXC forums

Installation and Update Instructions Video: https://youtu.be/U-mhVSI9rbE


  • Download and install OpenXcom Extended (OXCE), version 6.5.3 or later, by Meridian and Yankes
  • Run OXCE after copying the UFO files to generate the user/mods folder
  • Download the 40k files, and unzip into the mods folder
  • Run OXCE, go to Options > Mods and select "40k" from the drop-down menu at the top
  • (Optional) If the Music is playing the UFO soundtrack, check Options > Audio > Music Format, and set it to "Auto" or "OGG" if it isn't one of those.
  • (Optional) Turn on the Stat Strings mod under Options > Mods
  • (Optional) Turn on the Chapter Change mod under Mods to change the look of your Space Marines to the Imperial Fists or the Blood Angels Chapters
  • (Optional) Turn on the Cutscenes mod under Mods to get short briefing videos before most missions

As of Version 024, we now have an auxiliary mod with short briefing cutscenes before most missions. To install it:

  • Download the latest 40k_Cutscenes file from below
  • Place either the .zip file or unzip it into your user/mods folder (but don't do both!)
  • Turn it on in you mods menu


  • Save any current campaign in the Geoscape. Loading a Battlescape save from a previous version is more likely to cause bugs and crashes, and is not recommended.
  • Remove the previous version's 40k folders from your OXCE mods folder.
  • Download the new version's files and unzip into the mods folder. Your previous saves should be compatible if made during the Geoscape.


  • Big props to Ryskeliini for the space marine stuff and Dioxine for the help
  • Used a lot of maps from Terrainpack prior to version 024, so special thanks to Hobbes also so help on side


Sprites, sounds, maps, ruleset code etc:

  • All around thanks to everyone, I used lot of stuff from other mods for reference and change it to 40k universe
  • Background images from various internet sources



  • 27 Jul 08:21
    Version 025

    Update 08-06-2020

    - New features require OXCE v6.5.3
    - Sisters of Battle added as a playable faction
    - Renamed Psi Skill to Devotion and Psi Strength to Psychic Ability for new Sisters' mechanics
    - All Commander-rank Chaos Marines can unlock the final story research, not just the Traitor Marines
    - Added recoil penalties for firing weapons with not enough strength
    - Added strength requirements for melee weapons
    - Added muzzle flashes to all bolt weapons
    - Added vapor trail effect to plasma, melta, and flamer weapons
    - Added human-sized bolters
    - Added hellpistols as a MC laspistol
    - Added stub rifles, gave to chaos cultists as appropriate
    - Rebalance of some weapons' weight values
    - Reduction of some enemies' strength values to reduce grenade spam
    - Reduced chances of the month 1 Ork base spawning more Ork bases
    - Moved enemy missions that shouldn't happen at friendly Guard Outposts to their own mission zones
    - Servitor's armor repair now always hits but repairs a random amount
    - Cleanup of some manufacturing categories
    - Fixed palette for base defenses firing screen
    - Fixed Winged Daemon Corpse listOrder
    - Fixed crashes due to terror missions occurring in ocean regions
    - Fixed recovering sacrificed civilians as the wrong items
    - Fixed Ork craft interception window sprites causing crashes
    - Fixed Chaos Cultist base spawning/missions causing crashes

    Guard Content:
    - Added Armored Column as a craft with Leman Russ MBT
    - Rework of Chimera craft map
    - Fixed Tanith Medic armor using the Tanith Scout armor item
    - Fixed the IG's heavy bolter using the Thunder Hammer hand sprite



11.12 2018
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