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This mod probably contains a lot of bugs, and its main features will definitely break the game balance. If this is your first time playing vanilla or modded Aground, please do not install.


Weapons are rotatable (except for hammers).

Players can use weapons while moving (except for hammers).

In order to prevent accidental clicks on random popups or hotkeys, mouse clicks are disabled when there are no windows open (when you are browsing items inside a storehouse, for example, mouse clicks are enabled).


This mod may break some weapons, especially mod weapons.

This mod replaces all melee attacks with projectiles, so any enemies cannot be hurt with projectiles will be invincible (except against hammers).

This mod may spam your console (Ctrl + Shift + D) with error messages, depending on what weapon you use.

If you add a color to the PNG file bm_invisible_projectile.png, you will be able to see the projectiles generated on melee attacks.

Any bug reports will be greatly appreciated.



08.04 2022
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