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Book of Vitality I:

You need five stamina for one unit of health. It can't be bound to magic staffs or equipped.

There is an easy recipe for this but you do need a library.

  • 6 fish scales
  • 6 ink
  • 12 health potions
  • 1 evo gem

Right now the max health you can restore with this mod depends on how much stamina you have since I am still trying to figure out the max health variable for the game. So you can't heal more than your stamina limit. Edit: Airom told me the variable. Thanks!

Book of Vitality II:

Same as above except it can be equipped and has a different recipe. Overall it's a better version.

  • 1 Book of Vitality I
  • 1 health potion
  • 1 pearl (since spellbooks are underwater magic, lol)

When equipped it heals you for 1 but uses 3 stamina. It is slightly better but you would have to wait.




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