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Castle Set

The Castle Set gives you the opportunity to build different scalable towers to make each castle you create look individual.
In the first version, all building parts have no functions at all, e.g. to assign soldiers. But this will follow step by step.
If you have further ideas or suggestions for improvement, please let me know. Either comment here or on Discord in the corresponding channel.

This castle set contains the following building parts:

  • 10 different types of scalable towers
  • 2 towers with passageway
  • 2 scalable wall
  • 1 scalable gate
  • 1 door for the towers (fits only on two of the locator points of the towers)
  • 1 optional wooden footbridge for the wall
  • 5 different types of windows
  • 1 very, very big gate
    • 1 fall gate

Thanks to vjraymon for a lot of tips & tricks regarding the creation of this mod and k1sk4 for the russian translation.


  • 14 Jul 04:54
    Version 2.1

    - Added fall gate for the very big gate


20.06 2019
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