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Adds a new NPC (the Colony Ship Engineer) and three new ships, along with some QoL improvements for spaceships.

Cargo Hauler

  • Tankier and can hold more cargo than the Fighter Escort
  • No weapons, but plenty of shields
  • Contains all facilities needed for survival

Assault Ship

  • Special Weapon: Plasma Wave Generator! Capable of hitting multiple ships for large amounts of damage.

Space Tug

  • Requiring 6 power cores to operate, this ultraheavy ship is able to pick up and transport space station modules using its ability hotkey.

Quality of Life

  • Mobile Labs can now be crafted
  • Spaceship docks and dragonship factories now restore the health of their respective ship type

Future Plans

  • Colony Ship Engineer Scene art (CapAIn is a placeholder)
  • Remote Proximity Mines for the Assault Ship
  • Research and Repair bot to be used in craftable mobile labs

Special thanks to the game's artist, AaronNorell, for providing these unused assets!



  • 26 Feb 19:37
    Version 1.1.0

    [Bugfix] Colony ship engineer now only spawns once. Any duplicates will be removed.
    [Bugfix] Spaceship docks can no longer be picked up while they are active.



22.02 2021
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