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Command Blocks:

They should behave exactly the same as Minecraft command blocks, with the following exceptions:

  • To add a command block, you have to type "cmd()" in the developer console (Ctrl + Shift + D).
  • The commands have to be in haxe or xml.
  • There is a remove button and a direction button.
  • Some errors aren't caught. Syntax errors are caught, but errors such as an item not being in the game will not be. Due to this, a command block with the "conditional" option might run even if the command block behind it was unsuccessful at running its code.
  • Commands with errors (which can be caught) will be highlighted in red.


The following commands will also be added (mainly for developers, variables with question marks are optional):

  • "give(id, ?count)" will give the player an item with the id "id" for "count" times.
  • "call(id, ?count)" will spawn an object with the id "id" for "count" times at the exact coordinates of the player.
  • "tDum(?element, ?isSpirit, ?defense)" will spawn a test dummy with the element "element" and defense "defense", and will be a spirit if "isSpirit" is true.
  • "killTDum()" will kill all test dummies in the area.

Any bug reports are greatly appreciated.



17.08 2022
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