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What is Courseplay?

Courseplay is a tool for having machines perform many different tasks for you. Ones that the default AI helper can't do. For example, Courseplay is perfect for unloading a combine, driving the chaff from the chopper to the farm or the BGA.

Courseplay has been developed continually during the past four years. By now, you can even press bales, collect hay, cultivate, fertilize or seed fields, mow some grass, empty your BGA silo and much more…

How to install Courseplay?

Patch v1.2 (or higher) has to be installed.

Copy the file to the C:\Users\[User name]\My Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2015\mods directory. That's all, folks!

How to operate Courseplay?

All informations concerning operation, functions, changes etc. are explained in detail on the Courseplay website.

Changes in version 4.01

All changes, fixes and new stuff are listed on our website.

Known bugs and warnings in version 4.01

  • Multiplayer has been temporarily deactivated as we're reworking it from the ground up.
  • Fruit path finding has been temporarily deactivated as we're reworking it from the ground up.
  • Due to a huge bug by Giants in their physics engine, vehicles tend to slide all over the place. We've implemented a temporary sledgehammer method to keep them where they are, but the ball is in Giants' court now.

Important: general procedure when experiencing errors

  1. No support via PM!
  2. Bugs are handled on our issues page.
  3. Have a look if the bug has already been reported in the issues section on GitHub or is already in the bug tracker.
  4. State the Courseplay version you're using. You can find it in the log or in the bottom right corner of the hud.
  5. List the used machinery and/or objects (everything, from the weights to the trailer, from the barrier to the shovel, from the twin wheels to the tractor to the front loader).
  6. Try to isolate the error as much as possible: only have one vehicle active with Courseplay, instead of many at the same time.
  7. Situation: what did you do? What was the goal? When did the error occur? Is the error reproducable?
  8. Post the complete log.
Error reports that don't follow that procedure will be ignored skillfully.



* Jakob Tischler
* Thomas Gärtner
* Satis

## Translations
* Chinese: Simba76
* Czech: Albi
* Dutch: Pewemo
* French: Gui7545
* Hungarian: Chris von Bone
* Italian: JD7530, Cristiano Magro
* Portuguese (BR): Admilson
* Portuguese (PT): PTAzores
* Russian: Bernelli
* Spanish: JFMtb, PromGames


  • 27 Dec 21:17
    Version 4.01


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27.12 2014
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V 4.01
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10 Comments for Courseplay

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  1. TeeSee64 21. 10 2015

    Very nice mod but I got a problem with it.
    When I use a vehicle with courseplay after that the vehicle cant go to full speed anymore. Full speed is only possible with the W key and not with key 3.
    Before I use courseplay on that vehicle, key 3 is full speed.
    I there a solution for this?

    1 replies

  2. Legnano90 18. 07 2015

    Hallo ein Frage.
    Hat jemand ein Tipp für mich parrat, wie ich mit courseplay auf flächen fahren, wenn auf den Flächen gewissen hindernisse bzw Biotope sind? mit courseplay fährt die maschine ja dann mitten durch sie hindurch und bleiben hängen. hat jemand eine Idee oder ein Tipp abzugeben. Zb was man da evtl. bei der Kursgenerierung beachten kann...oder so?

  3. amonbonfills 21. 06 2015

    Loaded a new map and tried both ways of calculationg fields, manually and automatic. Is not working. It has to be the latest patch.

    1 replies

  4. amonbonfills 20. 06 2015

    Log is error free, mod is installed properly, but I cannot manually calculate any field. Is this because I have patch 1.3?
    I'll try all saved courses the ones that I have before new patch.

  5. amonbonfills 04. 03 2015

    Hallo, kopiert habe ich den Ordnermodus, wie Sie und ich habe festgestellt, das nicht im Spiel angezeigt wird. Kann mir jemand helfen? Alle anderen mods sind direkt am...
    Entschuldigen Sie, auf diese Sprache nicht Deutsch sprechen

    I have copied the mod into the folder and it's not working, even the game could not see this mod. Can someone help. Thanks

  6. Rufalo 28. 12 2014

    This version makes the saved maps so long .Loading time so long that I gave up !! .
    ** After you start a new game and re-enter it for more game play **
    Not sure what it could be. but my course:play is in another folder and the loading time was less then 30 seconds.

    2 replies

  7. landykid 28. 12 2014

    Error: Running LUA method 'loadSharedI3DFileFinished'.
    C:/Users/Matt/Documents/my games/FarmingSimulator2015/mods//ZZZ_courseplay/vehicles.lua:349: attempt to index a nil value

    1 replies

  8. okyesiwill 28. 12 2014

    thanks for giving us this mod your hard work in developing this is much appreciated thanks

  9. shanthez 27. 12 2014

    When i try to upload it to my server, it says
    (Uploaded file is corrupted)

    2 replies

  10. roadrunners 27. 12 2014

    great been wating for it love CP