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  1. amonbonfills 18. 07 2018

    Mod: Lohnheim LS17
    Nice map with great potential. I am waiting for "season mod" and some economy, to keep us busy....otherwise you get bored after a while.
    Thank you for your work.

  2. amonbonfills 30. 04 2018

    Mod: Nothern Region
    Promising, very promising. I can't wait to see it fully developed.
    Keep up the good work.
    Thank you

  3. amonbonfills 12. 07 2016

    With another great work goes probably the best creator of hundreds of hour of fun. Bernie, thank you very much for making this possible and let me tell you that you are one of the reasons for me playing this game for about 4 years.

  4. amonbonfills 29. 12 2015

    Mod: OGF USA
    Waited one year for it, thank you Bernie. I do hope next version to have more fruits tough.

  5. amonbonfills 12. 07 2015

    Mod: Coldborough Farm
    I really hope to have more crops not only the standard ones. Nice map tough

  6. amonbonfills 26. 06 2015

    Mod: Courseplay
    Thank you, I'll do that

  7. amonbonfills 24. 06 2015

    Mod: Courseplay
    Definitely is not working with patch 1.3. Tried everything but you cannot calculate any field nor automatic nor manually.

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  8. amonbonfills 21. 06 2015

    Mod: Courseplay
    I wasn't a standard map, but it was one that I played before. Old saved courses are ok , the only thing wrong is when I try to calculate new fields. I'll try their mod. Thank you for your advise

  9. amonbonfills 21. 06 2015

    Mod: Courseplay
    Loaded a new map and tried both ways of calculationg fields, manually and automatic. Is not working. It has to be the latest patch.

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  10. amonbonfills 20. 06 2015

    Mod: Courseplay
    Log is error free, mod is installed properly, but I cannot manually calculate any field. Is this because I have patch 1.3?
    I'll try all saved courses the ones that I have before new patch.

  11. amonbonfills 09. 06 2015

    Mod: Soil Mod Tutorial
    I avoid playing maps with soil mod because I didn't quite understand how to get things in the right way, but not anymore... A professional video with explanations and a demo is just what we needed to take this game to the next level.
    Thank you very much, really great job.

  12. amonbonfills 31. 05 2015

    Mod: Knuston Farm Extended
    Really nice map, played a lot on FS 13. Thank you very much for your great work.
    Any plans of including more fruits on it?

  13. amonbonfills 28. 05 2015

    Mod: Ringwoods
    Für Baumwolle müssen Sie Mais Schneider und für Sorghum das andere zu verwenden. Achten Sie darauf, alle Mods installiert haben.

  14. amonbonfills 19. 05 2015

    Mod: Farm Lindenthal
    Since now I couldn't find any major errors, except field no. 3 where I did harvested but seeding wasn't complete because I got the message "you don't own this field". If you can move the seeds and fertilizers somewhere else and have that shed for machinery will be super and to install display for grass, straw....

  15. amonbonfills 19. 05 2015

    Mod: Farm Lindenthal
    Du hast Recht, ich konnte nicht das gesamte Feld zu impfen

  16. amonbonfills 19. 05 2015

    Mod: Farm Lindenthal
    As xframer said it could be a great map if more fruits will be added. Played a little everything looks ok and no issues found.

  17. amonbonfills 19. 05 2015

    Mod: Farm Lindenthal
    3 Land ist ok, ich geerntet ohne Probleme.

  18. amonbonfills 17. 05 2015

    Mod: Bergmoor2K15
    Really great map, still playing on it.
    Do you have in plan to add more fruits?

  19. amonbonfills 17. 05 2015

    Mod: Kernstadt2015 edition Alf
    Since now you did a great job. I've been playing a lot this map on LS2013.
    Can you tell me from where I can download "field status"?
    Thank you

    1 replies

  20. amonbonfills 17. 05 2015

    Mod: Gulp Map
    Nice map, hope to have it better as the one from LS2013. Multi fruit is in your plan to add?

  21. amonbonfills 16. 05 2015

    Mod: Ringwoods
    Simply the best Westbridge ever played until now, not only the attention to details but the functionality of it makes it really enjoyable to play. Thank you very much for you great work and to all the guys who helped.

  22. amonbonfills 14. 05 2015

    Mod: Hofgut Baden
    Very nice map, I'm playing it since you post it. Thank you for your great work.
    Since you mentioned "more realism" do you plan to add more crops, oat, rye aso?

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  23. amonbonfills 11. 05 2015

    Mod: Westbridge Forest
    Nice map, thank you for your great work.
    Do you plan to add more fruits to the map?

  24. amonbonfills 09. 05 2015

    Mod: Swinter Country
    A very nice approach, altough I suggest to rise the level where winter part is to give more realism and have there only lumbering. I really like the new texture, nice touch.
    Thank you for your good job, can't wait to see the outcome of this map.

  25. amonbonfills 05. 05 2015

    Mod: Industriegebiet
    I'm sure that it will be the map that I'll play for months.
    Thank you Bernie

  26. amonbonfills 05. 05 2015

    Mod: Ringwoods
    Thank you for all corrections you made, really great map.
    All I wish now is to have new crops, sunflower, rye....
    All the best

  27. amonbonfills 23. 04 2015

    Mod: Ringwoods
    This is a nice map, with potential, unfortunately I had problems using CP when tried to unload to main silo. Trigger does not work properly. Abandoned the map.
    Looking forward for new updates.
    Thanks for your great job

  28. amonbonfills 24. 03 2015

    Mod: Ahwi FM700
    Unfortunately is not appearing in the shop, even that I have the latest patch installed. Does anybody else have encountered the same problem?

  29. amonbonfills 04. 03 2015

    Mod: Courseplay
    Hallo, kopiert habe ich den Ordnermodus, wie Sie und ich habe festgestellt, das nicht im Spiel angezeigt wird. Kann mir jemand helfen? Alle anderen mods sind direkt am...
    Entschuldigen Sie, auf diese Sprache nicht Deutsch sprechen

    I have copied the mod into the folder and it's not working, even the game could not see this mod. Can someone help. Thanks

  30. amonbonfills 06. 09 2014

    Mod: Eschlkam and Stachesried
    A big 10 for the effort of creating this map, other than this you have a lot to do, and I do hope you know how... Ideas, we all have but if we don't know how to put them creating a map, we don't.

  31. amonbonfills 06. 08 2014

    Thank you, very nice mod. Can you let me know what fruits can you harvest with it?

  32. amonbonfills 29. 07 2014

    Mod: John Deere 9770 STS
    Can you tell me what kind of fruit can you harvest with it?

  33. amonbonfills 27. 07 2014

    Mod: JCB 8310
    It has no ESLimiter, unfortunately..

  34. amonbonfills 21. 06 2014

    Mod: Lexion 600 Package
    Best combine, thank you. Hope so see more mods like this.

  35. amonbonfills 19. 06 2014

    Mod: Kings Way
    Ich habe einen Download für diese Zuordnung geopfert. Ich hoffe Verdienste Aufmerksamkeit, zumal es sehr lange zum download dauert.

  36. amonbonfills 19. 06 2014

    Mod: Kings Way
    Ich bin kein Fan von einer Karte mit nur einem Bild mit einem Traktor dargestellt, aber leider ist es nicht der einzige Karte hier.

  37. amonbonfills 14. 06 2014

    Mod: Beta Test Map
    Very nice map, I did played for more than 6 hrs, unfortunately after a while when I did get out of a tractor I went bellow surface and I couldn't do anything about it. Another tthing is that if you sell a combine or a tractor sitting in the game will get blocked. Keep going with it, I will play for more.... this is sure. Thank you for your work....

  38. amonbonfills 10. 06 2014

    Mod: Holland map
    More pictures will help us especially with the PDA and the actual map. Anyway looks nice from what I've seen by now. Thanks

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