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Here I have the revised version of Claas Lexion 600 - PackageV3! The pack and especially the accessories has now again get some changes here and now finally appears many users liking the standard-Claas skin. I think that this is the last version of the pack (V3.1 and V3.2) and I hope that all will use this pack so its fun!


Included in the pack are:

- Claas Lexion 600 Claas with basic paint

- Claas Lexion 600TT with basic Claas livery

- Claas SWW 10.50 m to 12.00 m

- Claas SWW to 7.50 m

- Claas V750 SW

- Claas V1200 SW

- Claas Conspeed 8-75 FC

! ! ! Note: everything in a zip file, does not need to be unpacked! ! !


Changes since V3:

- Painted in standard-Claas (no European Tour finish)

- Diesel consumption is reduced

- Cutting height set slightly higher

- Headers changed to 1x 1x V750 and V1200

- 2 Header trailer, 1x and 1x 10.50 m -12.00 m to 7.50 m

- Level indicators adapted (compatible PackageV3.1: http://www.modhoster.de/mods/lexion-600-package--4)

- Other details



The lighting is like in the previous versions in part on the original script of light Giants and in part to the lighting of Sven777b Script V3.1. That the driving light, work light is front and rear and the Pipelicht must be switched using the F key. Turn signals and hazard warning lights are activated via NUM_1 to Num_3. Anyone wishing to use the parking lights need when leaving the thresher can only turn signal activated.

Chopping and windrow will migrate as had been actuated by pressing M, it must be selected Drescher. When you press the M key at the same time also the folding spreader is pressed!

Activate the laser at SW V900 and V1050, either with the helper enable happen (when it needs to press the H key, the software enabled) or it operated with L button (also there when pressing the button, the software must be enabled). The reel of the southwest is lifted and lowered by pressing N, it must be selected the SW!


My thanks to Tiger1234 on speedy77 (folding spreader) and to all modders / scripters and conversion specialists who have already paid their share of this mod! A very special thanks goes to Hoschi97 for the fine tuning and the lighting (light areas, Coronas, beams, real lights), he has been completely revised in the version 3!


It is not allowed to mod in this or in a modified form to upload new! The mod may not be offered in other forums, but only using the original download links!


Gives support to pack it exclusively only here: http://forbidden-mods.phpbb8.de/


Lexion600 und 600TT
Model: Shangri66; Ingame & Script: Defender
Scripts: Face, sven777b; Edit: Bandit
WheelParticle, LS 13 ready by tiger1234
Edit Lexion 600/LS13: Bandit
Räder/Bereifung: by modelleicher
Edit Beleuchtung: Hoschi97

Modell: Maurermatze
Script: Defender
Lichtscriptv31 einbau tiger1234
LS 13 ready tiger1234 http://www.mod-scheune.com
Edit: Bandit
Edit Beleuchtung: Hoschi97

Schneidwerk V900
Scripte: Sven777b, Defender
Edit: Bandit

Schneidwerk V1050
Scripte: Sven777b, Defender
Edit: Bandit

Modell: shangri66
Textur: bertram-79
LS 13 Ready tiger1234 http://www.mod-scheune.com
Edit: Bandit


  • 19 Jan 05:40
    Version 3.2 Standart




checksum: b7363b5b2669f5c187b7a72f77f99441
Version: 3.2 Standart
multiplayer ready? no
Author: Bandit
price in shop: 215800 LS
name in shop: CLAAS Lexion 600TT Standart
description in shop: Es handelt sich hier um einen gebrauchten Claas Lexion600TT, Baujahr 2010 mit 958 Betriebsstunden. Der Drescher hat eine Generalüberholung bei Claas bekommen, daher wurde der Betriebstundenzähler auf Null gesetzt!

Model: Shangri66; Ingame and Script:

19.01 2013
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4.69 / 155 Votes


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V 3.2 Standart
Farming Simulator 2013
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19. 01 2013 45,900

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  1. amonbonfills 21. 06 2014

    Best combine, thank you. Hope so see more mods like this.

  2. minxie 03. 02 2013

    great mod, except when I use a worker, worker in combine always stops when I come along side with a trailer.