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Install as the old school mods since it contains attribute changes it needs to replace original files so copy mods folder and overwrite the content files to apply it.
Content - Coal Removed its fuel value and it can no longer be used as a direct fuel type due to it being giant blocks.
Crushed Coal New block type that can be crushed from Coal and the efficiency is dependent on processing machines, similar to the normal ore production.
Crushed Mixed Rock A mix of crushed rocks not really viable to sort and use for special purposes but only as filler and it has (crushed rock) tag applied so can be used for instance in road construction.
Arrastra Recipe 12 Coal -> 2 Crushed coal + 1 Crushed mixed rock(100cal)
Stamp Mill Recipe 20 Coal -> 4 Crushed Coal + 1 Crushed mixed rock (500cal)
Jaw Crusher Recipe 20 Coal -> 5 Crushed Coal (500cal)




03.05 2021
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