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Custom loadouts for respawning in hardcore mode, for us who think it's a bit harsh to start with a bolt action rifle only.

Add this to your game.ini file:

[ Script/Insurgency.INSCheckpointHardcoreGameMode]

Security respawn with an M16A2 and 4 mags, keep the secondary with 2 mags.
Insurgents respawn with an AKM and 4 mags, keep the secondary with 2 mags.

Should work both locally and server side.

Does not work with ISMC, and probably not other weapons mods either. (Please let me know if you have an idea how this can be done - I'm totally noob at this.)

(If you want to keep your entire loadout when respawning, simply set bStripWeaponsOnRespawn to False in the same section of game.ini.)




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