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Are you tired of having your base attacked within the first month of gameplay? Hate having to restart just because of randomly losing the game? Then this mod is for you! If your base gets assaulted in the first month, it will always be assaulted by a Large Scout. It won't be too difficult to handle 5-10 basic aliens and no terrorists, but if you really want to be proactive, you might be able to shoot it down with missile defenses!

Each month, the chance of a retaliation ship being a Terror Ship increases until it reaches 100%, then after that the chance of it being a Battleship increases to 100%, until eventually only Battleships will assault your base, just like vanilla. A Terror Ship has a crew loadout which is very comparable to a Battleship, but it has way less hit points, so you can defend your bases with Missile and Laser Defenses instead of battling the aliens if you choose. (This mod keeps it simple, and Terror Ships and Battleships will deploy exactly the same crew into your base.)

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Known incompatibilities:
* This mod requires the Sectoid race to be present in the game, and it also requires the UFOs: Large Scout, Terror Ship, and Battleship, as well as requiring the presence of the original Alien Retaliation mission. As long as your mod contains items with the corresponding string names: STR_SECTOID, STR_LARGE_SCOUT, STR_TERROR_SHIP, STR_BATTLESHIP, STR_ALIEN_RETALIATION, it should run. If it does not contain all of these things, it will probably crash regardless of the mod load order. You can patch it manually to work with your mod set by changing the corresponding string values to their equivalents within any mods that you are playing/creating.

Feel free to borrow this mod into your mod! I made it because I keep seeing people dealing with this same issue, and I wanted to present a fix that's simple and easy to use. It should work fine with almost any small mods, and even most larger mods.



  • 20 Jul 19:50
    Version 0.9.0



20.07 2020
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