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Yeah, still creating to FS 2011. This ain't any particular place, more like collection of different locations from Finland. Quite much details to make it feel more realistic I suppose, but after all pretty simple. No cows, no maise, no silage. Just bales (you can sell them to barns) and grain (which you can sell to that big silo or to the port).

And there is few things missing still. Two roads are just... ending but after tight bend so it shoudln't bother to much after you find those places and know to avoid them. There also ain't PD map, so you just have to learn where everything is. 

But after all I suppose this could give you something if you still play FS 2011 like I do. And hey - still something new at 2020! :)


Model: Suensyan
Texture: Suensyan
Script: Suensyan
Idea / Concept: Suensyan
Testing: Suensyan
Other: Suensyan

  • 01 Feb 09:28
    Version 1.0


01.02 2020
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V 1.0
Farming Simulator 2011
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