Early Transmission Pole

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Enables the transmission pole to be crafted when Mechanics becomes available.


Tested with Eco version
Min: 9.5
Max: 9.5

Incompatible with
Any mod that overrides TransmissionPole.cs

Gameplay Effects

* Recipe moved to Carpentry and Sawmill.
* Crafting cost changed to 8 iron bars, 14 copper wiring, 10 lumber.
* Electric power range reduced to 10.

Install Instructions

- Unzip to the main server directory.
- Place the zip contents in "Mods/UserCode".

Uninstall Instructions

Delete the file "Mods/UserCode/UserCode/AutoGen/WorldObject/TransmissionPole.override.cs".

Update Instructions

For each new version of the Eco server you will have to check for updates for this mod.


You can reach me on the official Modding Discord in the Eco World Mods section!

Eco World Mods

EcoWorld mods are developed by the staff of the EcoWorld server, here's a list of all the other mods we've made!

  • Chronicler - Automatically record game actions and query them using ingame commands - Stop griefers and abusers!
  • AutoPause - Automatically pauses your server when it's empty and unpauses when someone joins.
  • AutoTP - Automatically teleport users to a location when they log in.
  • No More Scroll Claims - Allows configuration of how many land claim papers should be awarded for reading a skill scroll.


I develop and support the Eco World Mods and DiscordLink in my spare time.

If you find them useful, I'd greatly appreciate a small donation :)





05.06 2022
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